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December 22 - You should send the fire marshal down on Johnson Street. I saw the fire trucks d
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You should send ... the fire marshal ... down on Johnson Street. ... I saw the fire trucks down there last night. ... Somebody said that ... some wires burned up over there in that ol' ... car wash ... and they didn't get it fixed. ... Somebody better go send the fire marshal down there to see what went on down there 'cause the fire truck show was down there last night. ... Down there somewhere 'round the mailboxes and the car wash. I don't reckon the mail box caught on fire.

I hope this gets to the right person. ... Every teacher in Bulloch County ... public school ... should be CPR-certified. ... And they're not.

After watching the city of Statesboro dog up a water land ... line ... behind city hall, it comes to my mind to wonder who do they pay their fine to when they fail to call before they dig and cut a water line. I'd like to know.

Thanks to the Public Works, the publication about how long garbage cans can stay by the curb. ... If they can force it, it would be wonderful and lots of revenue for the city ... especially on Grady Street. Thank you.

I would certainly like to know where the people get these ... claims that the jobless claims have fallen ... fallen to three-year low when 35 people turned out in Statesboro, Georgia, to get a job at our newest manufacturer, Great Dane. Somebody needs to ... re-look at it. It's not happenin' here.

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