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December 20 - My Christmas wish this year is that the Georgia Southern football team make it to
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My Christmas wish this year ... is that the Georgia Southern football team ... make it to the national championship and win it. ... Good luck in Fargo Saturday. Make us proud, boys. Go, Eagles! One more time!

The real meaning of Christmas. ... A virgin birth. ... Preach the good news. Nailed to the cross. ... An empty tomb. ... At the right hand of God. He is returning. ... Are you ready? And share this good news with others. Thank you.

Yeah, I think we can get some of those ... sonic ear blasters like they used on the protesters. ... And we could use them on the boom boxes and see how they like it. ... I think it would be a great idea. Thank you and bye.

I was in shock to find out that ... we have teachers in Bulloch County ... that are called 'Coach' ... that are teaching CPR that are not even certified. ... So, when a student passes the test for CPR, they should be able to get a certificate. ... How shameful.

... To the person that wrote in on December the 14th ... to the ... paper about the lady that lives in the public housing and her ... on Cone Street. ... I don't believe that you pay for her rent. I, too, live in public housing ... at Braswell Homes, and I'm very proud of where I live and you're welcome to come and see my apartment ... anytime. And I don't believe ... in the 10 years that I've lived here that you have ever paid my rent. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas.

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