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December 2 - "It sure would be nice if the Herald could give us an update on the financial card t
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It sure would be nice if the Herald could give us an update ... on the financial card transaction frauds that have been going on ... and where the investigation stands with that. Thank you.

I read with interest page 1 story on Saturday's Herald about reducing the prison population. ... Then I turned to page 5 in the Police Report and I read about a 20-year-old arrested for carrying a concealed weapon ... and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. ... The place for criminals is in jail. We don't need to reduce our prison population. We're just getting more efficient at arresting criminals. Thanks and have a nice day.

Eagle Nation is very proud of GSU's score against Alabama. Go, Eagles! You are a great team."

I know all the talk about gun control. ... They wanna take the guns away from the law-abidin' ... citizens in America. I hope they get all the gun ... all the guns away from the ... drug lords, gangs in all America and from the drug cartel down in Mexico. That's who they need take the guns from. ... Thank you.

Our country needs a leader ... who will promote ... the unification of the different parties. ... There needs to be compromise from both sides of our government. ... And we need a leader who can take charge and unify this country. Thank you.

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