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December 18 - I am another ... concerned citizen. ... Why isn't Bulloch and Effingham County ... com
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I am another ... concerned citizen. ... Why isn't Bulloch and Effingham County ... complying with the Georgia Criminal Justice Reform Bill ... 1176 ... signed July 1, 2012, ... to keep non-criminals ... from sitting in jail ... for an overextended time waiting on a bed for rehab or PDC? ... They're allowing criminals to get out of jail too soon. ... Please put an end to this. Put it in the paper. ... We must start complying. There are alternatives. ... Thank you.

I agree with the lady ... that made the statement in Saturday's paper about the ... kids comin' home hungry. ... For what they serve in the school cafeterias ... it should be free. ... It shouldn't even be a reduced lunch ... 'cause it's not even worth it. ... Someone needs to look into this. ... Either have better food or decent food. ... Or it should be free. Thank you.

... Groovensteen - or stein - you ... what's ... what's up wit you white guys? I mean, I'm a white guy. ... You lost. Get over it. Okay? And you should learn from your mistakes, but you still tryin' to use that ol' same ol' trick the Republicans use. ... You know, scare tactics, you know, I think. ... Look at the big picture. It don't work anymore. ... It's 2012 ... okay? ... And I'm so sorry that the poor white man might be the minority. Oh, boo, hoo, hoo! I have a cryin' towel for you.

An armed robber does not stand a chance of success in Statesboro. ... Our police department gets their man every time in just a matter of hours or days. Our policemen are very good at their job ... and they are second to no one in police work.

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