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December 17 - I rode through Brooklet today and I noticed that one of the businesses there I don't
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I rode through Brooklet today and I noticed that one of the businesses there - I don't know if you can mention it - but it was The Flower Shop had a beautiful new sign up and ... I love Brooklet. It's such a unique little town, but that sign just really adds this ... extra special touch that ... that Brooklet needs. ... So ... thumbs up to whoever ... did the sign and I hope more businesses would ... be willing to ... put up nicer signs so that the little city of Brooklet could really be ... what it's supposed to be ... unique, small town.

Why is the teacher Amy Jackson still in jail without bond? ... No one's heard anything. ... What's goin' on at the Bulloch County Jail? What's goin' on at the district attorney's office? ... Sandusky and the rest of the nuts ... have been arrested twice and out on bond twice. Why is she still behind bars ... and what's goin' on?

I would like to give Statesboro residents a message. ... Please go to the ... your restrooms ... in restaurant you're eating in and try to wash your hands before you eat there. If they don't have running water, obviously ... they're staff isn't washing their hands before ... they serve you. And to the local person who owns that restaurant and still kept it open: I ... hope you don't feel like Christmas this year because you're awfully greedy. Have a good day.

Could someone please, please tell me how to get rid of ... my son and his unwanted girl that came ... he brought to live in my house ... has been here for goin' on three months. ... I would like to ... hear from someone ... that could tell me how to get rid of her. Thank you.

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