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December 16 - ... I don't understand why ... when Bulloch County built a new jail ... and ... and ..
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... I don't understand why ... when Bulloch County built a new jail ... and ... and ... and a courtyard to take the inmates out to, they do not use it ... at least not for the women. ... The women may go outside once every three weeks. Yet, they have the same staff every day, the same number of staff every day.

Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill into effect on July 1st of this year for alternative sentencing ... for addicts and alcoholics rather than tying up beds in state facilities, county jails and PDCs. Yet, the judges are not allowing them to go to ... rehabilitation centers. ... I ... I have no understanding of this bill.

... One thing everyone should understand about the fiscal cliff that we're all facing ... is that this is an ... entirely result of ... enacting legislation that we could not afford. ... We cannot afford Obama care. We cannot afford to continue the reckless spending ... that ... Obama and a Democratic congress has continued to do. ... The reason we can't work out a deal is because there is no solution. We voted to do something that we cannot afford to do. ... The only two solutions are don't do it ... or borrow another coupla trillion dollars ... from ... the Chinese ... which I think is really ridiculous.

... Well, it's happened to the president again. ... Coupla years ago, he gave ... $249 million in stimulus money to A 123 ... Electric Battery Company. They spent $132 million of it. ... Now, they've sold it to the Chinese company ... for $256 million. ... If the president keeps on givin' away America and sellin' it, we won't have an America left. And you voted for him. Thank you very much.

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