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December 15 - Yes, you're right. The Senate Republicans did did not pass the extended payroll
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Yes, you're right. The Senate Republicans did ... did not pass the ... extended payroll tax cuts. ... Oh, you know, that measly $13 extra week that you don't see because the price of everything else is goin' up. ... And it's probably the reason they ... didn't extend it is because President Obama wanted ... take the money out of Social Security, which is already broke. ... A highly dumb idea. ... But, since you don't go to the congress website, you don't actually see what's goin' on. You just believe what ... the Democratic Party tells you. ... Bye.

This is to the uneducated Democrat that called in the Sunday paper complainin' about the Republicans not ... extending the payroll tax cuts. ... Y'all just don't get it. ... America is broke. We're 15 trillion dollars in debt. ... And besides, 50 percent of Americans don't even pay taxes. ... You can't raise taxes on people that don't pay taxes.

Isn't it great that unemployment has dropped to 8.6 percent? ... Course there's one little tidbit that they forgot to tell ya. That's because 315,000 people ... decided to quit looking for work. ... Isn't that great? I betcha President Obama didn't even tell you that.

If the Statesboro Herald can discontinue the delivery of the Monday newspaper to save money, why can't the U.S. Postal Service cut out Saturday delivery of mail to cut costs? Instead, they are gonna close distribution centers, which will cause ... strain and hardship on our whole system. Wake up, postal officials. Do the right thing.

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