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December 15 - Question to conservatives: why is it that if you take advantage of a corporate tax bre
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Question to conservatives: why is it that if you take advantage of a corporate tax break, you're a smart businessman? ... But if you take advantage of something to avoid going hungry, you're a moocher?

After being in Statesboro for one month and reading the local newspaper ... I have decided that the only people in the city and county ... that use Soundoff ... are the functionally illiterate.

The front page headline in Saturday, December the 8th's paper, is horrifically misleading and ... 100 percent incorrect. The jobless rate did not fall 7.7 percent. Actually ... there are 12 million people unemployed and 350 of those stopped looking for a job ... because they can't find one and they're frustrated. ... I think you should ... look at your ... headlines a little more closely ... and put something more acurately across the front of the paper ... such as, 'Unemployment didn't fall. More people are frustrated at being unable to find jobs.' ... How 'bout the 1600 teachers .. that retired at the end of ... November? ... Who's gonna fill those jobs?

A big thanks to the Statesboro High School jazz band that performed on the courthouse ... Friday night for our great community! ... It was wonderful! ... Just keep it up! We love to hear more! Thanks!

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