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December 14 - Way to go, the Republicans and the Senate. ... You won't agree to raise taxes on peo
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Way to go, the Republicans and the Senate. ... You won't agree to raise taxes on people who make over $250 to $500,000 a year. ... Instead, you'd rather close loopholes and cut this ... and cut that ... just so ... you won't have to pay taxes 'cause that puts you in yo tax bracket and will make you have to pay more taxes. ... Really a messed up situation. And you don't care if the economy ... goes to nuthin'. ... Way to go.

In the bizarre world that is Republicanland ... providing health care to all Iraqis ... is sound policy while doing the same for all American citizens ... is socialism.

This is December the 7th. ... And there's no mention of Pearl Harbor ... in remembrance of that day. I think that's pretty sad ... in the Bulloch Herald. Thank you very much.

To all those people who are runnin' late for work. ... If you were to leave home a few minutes earlier, you wouldn't have to fly up behind people ... and almost run over them ... and then zip around them across yellow lines ... in a 30 mile per hour speed zone ... and then look at them ... like they're in your way. ... Reckless drivin' is against the law, you know? Thank you. Have a safe day.

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