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December 14 - Thank you to all of the parents that stand with their children at the school bus
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Thank you to all ... of the parents ... that stand with their children ... at the school bus stops.

I would like to know has anyone found a solution for these armadillos. ... If so, please put the solution in Soundoff in the Herald, please. ... I wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you.

Responding to the ad that was on Soundoff for Friday ... asking about church services durin' the week. Emit Grove Baptist Church has Bible study for men every Monday and for women on Mondays every other Monday. And I hope this is some help. This is also ... Emit Grove Baptist Church.

Every time I ride on East Main ... I get aggravated and embarrassed by the paving job that was done. ... If I was the project manager overseein' that, I would be thoroughly embarrassed. That's the worst job I've ever seen. ... It feels like ridin' on a cattle trail.

... You do realize that ... West Virginia and Western Virginia are two different states. ... Kinda confusing with your article on Saturday's first ... front page. Thanks.

... To the person that lives in the public housin' ... that the public pays for ... on Cone Street ... why in the heck ... are we payin' ... for them to pile up all those Christmas lights? Duhn't make sense to me! Check into it. ... Good mornin'.

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