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December 13 - Okay, Statesboro Herald. You put the blogger comment, 'Say no to Newt' on the top of
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Okay, Statesboro Herald. You put the blogger comment, 'Say no to Newt'... on the top of the front page. ... In the interest of fairness, are you going to list the blogger comment, 'Obama was my biggest mistake' ... on tomorrow's paper?

I just want to say ... that I haven't had a good hot dog or sausage ... since Robbin Packin' Company closed. ... Why did they do that ... to us? I will never forget those delicious cured hams ... and the best hot dogs and sausages yo ... your ... you'll ever find anywhere ... in my opinion. ... Thank you.

Where can I find ... a partridge to put in my pear tree?

This is Christmastime. What happened with Christ? This was ... this what it stand for. Christmas. His name is Christ. ... People be thinkin' 'bout gifts and what everybody can get everybody. That's why America is sufferin'. Think about Him first. ... That's the reason why His name is Jesus. ... Call on Him. ... He will bless you with anything that you want. ... Y'all have a Merry Christmas.

... I'm ... wanting some advice. ... Please call in if you could tell me the proper etiquette for ... speaking to co-workers. If you have a co-worker who, for some unknown reason, has told you they don't want you speaking to them and your ... the way you were ... brought up says you speak to people ... 'Good morning, good evening, have a good day.' ... Do you not do that because they've asked you not to speak to them or do you speak anyway and not expect a response?

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