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December 13 - "December the 5th ... 1941, ... I began my sea-going career ... which ended in 1967.
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December the 5th ... 1941, ... I began my sea-going career ... which ended in 1967. ... I sailed ... into many war zones ... including being a crewmember on the ship ... at D-Day June the 6th, 1944, in France. ... Thank you for the time.

If you are not saved, stop listening with your ear ... and start listening with your heart. ... Sincerely listen and you will hear His voice. I am Jesus! I am Jesus! I am Jesus! Be saved ... and truly you will have a Christmas to remember.

Memo to TEA partiers: the organization called ACORN, which you claim stole the election, does not exist. ... Please explain to us how a non-existent organization could've pulled that off. ... The clown car ... called the TEA party continues its endless trek into La-La Land.

... A recent report of births at East Georgia hospital ... listed 90 births. ... Fifty-four, or 60 percent, of the births were to single women ... and some did not list a father. ... Can you see why Georgia is near the bottom in the SAT scores ... income ... graduation rates ... poverty and pro'bly has one of the highest crime rates ... and prison populations in the country? ... Georgia will always be - and I will ... repeat - always be at or near the bottom. ... Thank you.

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