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December 10 - To those responsible for not submitting the bids on the playoff game ... they should b
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To those responsible for not submitting the bids on the playoff game ... they should be tarred and feathered and run out of town ... and we will remember this the next time the ... Eagle Club wants to ... spen ... us to donate more money so the golf ... bunch can go over to Europe and ... spend a truckload of money ... for a truckload of people to enjoy. Have a good day.

In the interest of saving American ... military life ... President ... Bush was asked about startin' to use water-boarding. ... he said, 'Damn, right!' You know who opposed it? Damn left!

I thought sellin' drugs was a serious offense in a school zone. I've got children that go to Statesboro High ... and ... I thought that that was a more of a serious offense ... than just ... bein' arrested and let outta jail the next day. And also, with a firearm, too. ... Someone needs to ... look into this child's future and look into his parents, how they been raisin' this child. ... That would be what I'd be lookin' into. I'm scared for my children at Statesboro High School.

So, Georgia Southern, winner of six national championships, has an athletics department that can't understand the rules for submitting bids to host playoff games while all other schools seem to understand the rules just fine. Sure begs the question, "What are you getting paid to do anyway?

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