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December 10 - Scam alert. Last night, saw a man wearing' hospital bracelet in R.J.'s parking lot
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Scam alert. ... Last night, saw a man wearing' hospital bracelet in R.J.'s ... parking lot asking for money. ... Always says he just got out of hospital, needs money for this or that. ... Saw the same man five months ago ... doing the same thing at Walgreen's ... inside Walgreen's. ... Hospital bracelet not current, not local. ... So ... money is not for food.

This is for the Tea Party bashers. ... Compare the actions of the Tea Party ... to those of the Destroy Wall Street ... and the rest of America ... mobs. ... After all, actions still speak louder than words. Thank you and have a nice day.

I don't quite understand all the fuss into ... about calling it a holiday tree or a Christmas tree ... or saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. ... The context of the ... Christmas ... has been lost. It's turned out to be a big gift-giving ... experience for most people. ... So, what's in a name?

I know the police had to escort the 90 motorcycles ... into the county ... for whatever reason. ... But I think that the police should start escortin' these moronic tractor drivers ... from Point A to Point B. Considerin' they can't seem to make it from place to another without runnin' somebody off the road or knockin' over someone's trash can ... or tearin' down someone's mailbox. Perhaps the tractor drivers are the ones that need police escort. ... Thank you.

Right on, Holli ... about your article in Wednesday's paper. ... I've had the same thoughts on many occasions. ... The younger generation just ... does not have any manners ... and I remind them every time I come in contact with 'em. Just ask my children and grandchildren ... how they're reminded about good manners to others. ... There's a reminder board that hits the spot every time. Bye!

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