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December 1 - Yep, just leavin' the gas station. Noticed gas prices continue to go up. Guess that's o
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Yep, just leavin' the gas station. Noticed gas prices continue to go up. Guess that's one of Obama's ... many promised changes. ... Thanks a lot for the ones that voted for him. We really appreciate it.

... I was noticing in the paper that there was a tractor trailer ... load shift ... off Highway 80 and Veterans Memorial ... third time. ... It only seem logical to put a sign ... like they do on curves ... on ... on the interstates, just hang it from the traffic light. ... Because what's happening ... they come off that ... so quick when they're makin' their turn ... they don't realize it ... and obviously gravity takes its ... toll at that point and time. ... Why not do that? Solve this ... what may be a problem in the future for everybody and safety from ... just ... one of those ... trailer tip-over signs ... hang it from the traffic light. Actually probably both directions would not hurt. ... And maybe that would help alleviate the problem.

Host ... Hostess Cake Factory ... that makes Twinkies and Ding Dongs ... is fixin' to go outta business. ... So, if you a connoisseur of Ding Dongs, you gon' have to find a supply of Ding Dongs somewhere else.

... This is to the person calling in on Wednesday in the Soundoff ... who wants those ...who only see the world in absolutes to get out of the way ... who can't understand opposing views ... in a state so 'The majority of us find ways to move forward.' ... What this person doesn't understand is the majority have no idea what's goin' on in this country. ... That was evidenced by this election when if you ask people what they ... why they wanted to vote Obama into office ... most of them had no idea. They said he's a good president ... or he's done a good job. But when pressed on specifics, had no idea of exactly what he's done or what his plan is for the future.

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