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August 25 - Tell me why is it okay for young girls to wear clothes to church that leave not m
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Tell me why ... is it okay ... for young girls to wear clothes to church ... that leave not much to the imagination. ... It's supposed to be a sin for a man to lust after a woman. ... Who's sinning more ... the luster ... or the lustee? ... Men are human. They're gonna look. They're gonna lust. ... If it's not for sale, don't advertise it. I'm a young woman.

Can't the Statesboro police enforce the law ... of landscapers - the amateur landscapers - that's blowin' ... all the debris in the road ... when only thing they have to do is turn their mower the opposite way and ... cut towards in the yard instead of ... blowin' it in the streets and purposefully takin' their blowers ... and blow into the middle of the street? Where do you expect for it to go? All cars don't tote the debris down the road. ... So, can't we enforce a law ... to have landscapers ... keep 90 percent of their trash ... blown into the yard instead of the public street?

I read where the Pentagon is lookin' at overhaulin' our retirement benefits for our soldiers. ... I think it's time somebody looked at overhaulin' ... the retirement plan for our congressmen and senators in Washington. ... They serve one term and draw pretty much their whole salary for the rest of their life. ... Plus, the health care package they have is nuthin' like the one they forced on us. ... They should have that overhauled also.

The economy is in terrible condition ... the worse it's ever been. Worse than they can imagine. They don't even know how bad it is. ... But is ... the president keeps wasting our taxpayer money ... like puttin' $2 million in ... securin' ... campaign buses for him to run around and campaign in. We shouldn't have to be payin' for that. We can't afford it. ... Let him pay for his own buses to run around in. This is the kinda leadership that's got us in the mess we're in.

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