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August 21 - You know I don't know how to think about a president that is too interested in his
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

You know ... I don't know how to think about a president ... that ... is too interested in his teleprompters and he looks to the left and to the right ... instead of lookin' straight at the people ... in the camera and explainin' to ... people ... of our nation why his leadership ... is not takin' us ... out of this ... terrible economic problem that we're facin'. He seems to be more interested in ... his teleprompters than he is ... what the real deal is.

I'm 80 years old a... nd last week when it was a hundred degrees, I was out tryin' to cut down the behalia grass at the edge of our front yard. ... A truckload of city workers, who'd just finished a nearby job ... suddenly stopped and said, 'Mam, let us do that for you'. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Not just for helping ... but for your ... good attitudes. ... Our tax dollars ... are really well spent.

I'm very appalled at the ... very unprofessional piece Ms. Bragg put in the paper Monday ... Sunday morning ... about the teacher. That borderlines on pornography ... and should not have been printed.

Isn't it interesting ... the price of crude oil per barrel ... dropped $5 last week. ... Prices at the pump dropped one or two cents per gallon yesterday. The price dropped to $81 per barrel. Did the price at the pump drop? ... When the price of ... crude per barrel goes up, prices at the pump jump 10 to15 cents per gallon ... within hours. ... When it drops, it takes ... days or weeks and never equal to the ... price it was raised. What a ripoff to the ... to the consumer. Thank you!"
"Okay, traffic engineer. If y'all don't fix the timing of the light at Tillman and South Main before the students come back ... that intersection will be a mess! ... The wait on TIllman is so long that cars will be backed up to South Zetterower tryin' to turn left onto South Main.

I would just like to take the time to say thank you to the county inmates that are cleanin' up Westside ... Road down Ben Grady Collins Road and all the roads around. They're doin' such a great job. Thank you so much.

What aggravates me is ... when I get a phone call and say hello two or three times and get no answer. ... What I believe it is is a computer is dialin' several numbers at one time and just takes the first one that picks up. ... But if you haven't got the time toi give me a personal phone call ... you know ... if you got some business to tend with me or try to sell me somethin' or whatever, you know, I really don't have time ... to deal with ... companies like that. I'm just sorry. I mean ... they need to be a little bit more personal ... you know, to everybody ... and this place ... and this country be a lot better place. ... Thank you! Bye-bye!

This is for the people of Bulloch County who have been fined for livin' in a camper, said they couldn't. Go to 1260 Woodyard Road in Stilson. ... There's people been livin' in a camper for a year, hooked up to no sewage, has no power and their horses are starvin'.

In your Tuesday's paper of August the 9th ... a reader suggests that we, the people -150 million plus one - fire all of congress and the Supreme Court. ... Just how ... do we fire...

How do you fire the ... Judge Anthony Scalia and Josh Roberts as one of your readers suggests?

Our world is unravelin' ... and it's because people in authority ... are tryin' to put Jesus Christ out of the country ... and out of the lives of the people. Decisions they make ... is like shakin' their fist in Almighty God's face. ... This was a blessed country as long as it was a God-honorin' country. ... Not anymore! ... We need to repent and pray for mercy!

... I was callin' about the little boy that has to walk from the alternative school all the way out past the hospital. I think it's a cryin' out shame. I think somethin' should be ... done about it. This poor boy out in the heat walkin' ... the way he has to walk every single day from alternative school. Somethin' should be done about this.

Thanks, Alvin Richardson, for your great articles every week in Outdoor Life in the Statesboro Herald. Particularly like your ... 'Don't get hooked on fishing' article ... that was in the ... Wednesday paper this week. Terrific! Keep up the great ... work.

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