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April 29 - This is this is for the directors of the Bash in the 'Boro. Next time you decide to hav
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This is … this is for the directors of the Bash in the 'Boro. Next time you decide to have somethin' to give back to the community, make it a lil' bit more positive, 'cause that was real negative that … all the activities on down there. … Do somethin' to encourage the young people … and … and do somethin' positive. … Thank you for doin' it, but it … but it need to be … it need to be a little bit more positive.

This is Friday, April the 23rd. There's an article … comment in Soundoff implyin' that a person who looks like Bobby Jindal was not allowed top speak at the Tea Party. I know who you're talkin' about. I know him personally. He works for the National Republican Party. And it's nuthin' to do with the Tea Party. And besides, he's a very intelligent guy and I'm glad he's workin' for the Republican Party because the Republican Party, unlike the Democratic Party, is tryin' to end racism in this country.

    I've been a 'scriber to the Statesboro Herald for a number of years. I read Soundoff every day … it is in the paper. … I am glad to see that another sport fan would like to see the baseball standins in the paper everyday.

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