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April 24 - ... I have a ... condo in Stadium Walk and there are cable wires ... all over the ground
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... I have a ... condo in Stadium Walk and there are cable wires ... all over the ground that need to be ... put in the ground. ... We've requested this and ... the lawnmowers are cuttin' it up and ... we just need to get it done. Thank you.

... In regards to your article in Friday's paper ... about baboons being able to identify some words. ... This is easily provable. ... All you have to do is ... look around Bulloch County. ... Bye.

Obama and his party are claiming full glory for a recovering economy. ... The recovery going on is because Americans are takin' back small industry and hiring workers to make American products ... and making sacrifices. ... He should be capping gas prices that are exorbitant ... and stop the soaring wealth of these oil company CEOs and their shareholders. ... That one thing would prove that he cares about the country. ... Also, he is not the only one responsible for the capture and death of terrorists. We have a very effective military network of intelligence on top of that.

Apparently, I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine.

What happened to the city ordinance regarding political signs? I thought that they could only be placed 30 days prior to the election - which is in July.

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