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April 22- This is a grandmother of a student at Southeast Bulloch Middle School. This is in referenc
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This is a grandmother of a student at Southeast Bulloch Middle School. This is in reference to the bullyin' and the name calling … and the … spreading rumors … that is being done by some of the students out there. I think … that the authorities need to try to … do something about it. … It's kind of getting out of hand.

I have two questions … for people in the Tea Party movement. First … where were you from 2000 to 2008 when Bush … almost tripled the national debt? And second, would you have the same complaints … if John McCain had won the election and had the same budget as we do now? … I think not.

… This is in response to the person that drives up and down Highway 80 all the time and duhn't have anything any better to do than to complain about a junky yard at Cones Homes. … This yard happens … this apartment happens to be … occupied by an elderly lady that wouldn't bother anybody and she sure wouldn't try to mind somebody else's business. Thank you and have a nice day.

Why is it that … on prescription … medicine bottles … there are child-proof safety caps. But our senior citizens with arthritis … or poor grip … get their grandchildren to open … open it up for them?

… The reason all the foreigners own all gas stations, mini mar … markets and … hotels and motels because all Americans are … too lazy to work. Have a nice day.

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