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April 20 - "Our news people talk about a royal wedding. But the only royal wedding that I, as a
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Our news people talk about a royal wedding. ... But the only ... royal wedding that I, as a Christian, am looking for is when Christ comes and takes His church out. That's the only true royal wedding that there is and there ever will be. Have a good day.

I don't agree with killing of animals for no purpose. ... But I think it's far ... greater damage to our nation for the murdering of innocent babies through the ... years called abortion. That's worse for America ... and we ... abortion is legal ... and it should be outlawed.

To the person that stole the ... fern from my ... 103 Ellis Road ... hope you appreciated it and I hope the thing dies. Thank you very much. Bye!

There's a certain day ... day care over by the high school ... and the employees really need to check their outfits before they go to work ... or it should be addressed at the school. Some of them are totally inappropriately dressed ... for their size and et cetera. So ... you need to look into this because it's really not appropriate for young children.

Folks, we better wake up and get these Republicans outta Washington ... or the old folks won't have any Medicare. Those under 55 years old won't have nuthin' ... but hell ... outta old age ... without our Medicare and Social Security programs. ... They need to raise taxes on everyone ... to get us out of Bush's debt. We should all pay.

What's the rush to redistrict the city council districts. Is it to ensure that two city councilmen are re-elected? I smell a rat. But the voters pick the council, not the council pick the voters.

Geraldo on Fox News objected to the ... pat-down of the 6-year-old girl. He knows that terrorists will do anything to cause danger.

Just wonderin' why it is that every time the law has a drug bust seems like all they target are the wormy little ... street-level dealers. ... Why don't they ever go after the real source of the problem, the local drug king pins? ... Could it be that the law are afraid of 'em or is it sumthin' else?

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