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April 2 - The scum bag that put a female, half-starved, mange, flea-infested, black puppy out on Hor
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The scum bag that put a female, half-starved, mange, flea-infested, black puppy out on Horace Mitchell Road off Highway 67 four months ago is now a beautiful, loving, healthy puppy with a happy life.

I would like to reply to the comment that I read in the March 30th Soundoff section of the paper concernin' the Rocky Ford councilman whose house recently burned down. It is a low person who would publicly call out a man whose family lost everything in a house fire. I have every idea that this person is one of the former councilmen who's still bitter about being bumped out of office during the last town election. This person's so-called concern with state law makes a convenient excuse for a very sore loser to whine. Get over it!

With all of the horrors going on presently in this world … what a joy it was to read the wonderful story concernin' Shaq — S-h-a-q — and … Mr. Easterly. Your reporters and … the Herald are to be commended. And to your … regular contributor who's always wishin' us a happy day or a good day, we return the compliments.

… Why is it when people … businesses move to a new location … they think that they're … they do not have to pay their bills from the old location? … Ah, hey, you still responsible for your bills.

A lot of jobs and money will be lost if there is no pro football. … It could bankrupt our nation. … If we can survive a season without it, is it really important?

Just can't understand for the life of me why Obama seems to think it'd take an army just to get rid of Gadhafi. What in the world for? Seems to me one well-aimed shot from a 50-caliber barrett sniper rifle … would do very nicely.

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