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Snow talks about Bush, his visit
Tony Snow
White House Press Secretary Tony Snow says that the "whole country will have its eyes on Statesboro" Monday when President Bush speaks at a rally at Hanner Fieldhouse.
    Monday, the “whole country’s going to have its eyes on Statesboro,” White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said Friday.
    When asked why Statesboro was chosen as the site for Monday’s visit by President George W. Bush, who will speak on current issues as well as show support for Congressional candidate Max Burns, he said “why not?”
    Officials sought “a place that’s congenial and good for Max, which is also a good place for the president to talk about a lot of the key issues that are going to be playing not only in this race but around the country,” he said in a telephone interview with the Statesboro Herald Friday afternoon.
    While Bulloch County has historically backed Burns, having the Georgia Victory Rally 2006 in Statesboro will further help the Republican party, he said. Republicans want to retain control of Congress, and a win for Burns would help secure that, he said.
    Burns, a former congressman, faces incumbent John Barrow in a race for Georgia’s 12th Congressional seat.
    “The president needs people in Congress who not only get it, but are determined to be pulling in the right direction,” Snow said. “In a congressional season when it’s been pretty obvious that the Democratic strategy has literally been to do nothing, and furthermore, when it comes to the future, proposing nothing, there’s a pretty dramatic difference in what people are going to be able to deliver.”
    Snow pointed out Bush’s efforts in helping the country recover from a series of severe setbacks.
    ‘The economy has been through an incredible series of challenges,” he said. “ A recession ... 9/11. Enron, two wars plus the costliest natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. The president made a calculated choice in 2003 and said ‘OK, I’m gonna cut taxes’  ... to get people back on their feet.”
    Now that the economy is stabilizing and working people “have money in their pockets ... Democrats want to raise taxes and take it away,” he said. “These are huge issues and they do matter.”
    Bush will discuss these and other issues as well as express support for Burns when he visits Georgia Southern University’s Hanner Fieldhouse around 11 a.m. Monday, Snow said. “So, the whole country’s going to have its eyes on Statesboro.”
    Snow spoke about what to expect from the president Monday, but he also spoke about why he likes Bush.
    “It is really cool to be working for a president who doesn’t have to fake being principled,” he said, referring to Bush’s visible spirituality and faith. “There have been a lot of easy “outs” politically for things, but the president just won’t take them.”
    He said he admired Bush’s firm stand on security issues.
    “I actually think it is a good thing for the Commander in Chief showing command of the number one threat facing our security, not only now but well into the future.”
    Bush is “the real deal” and doesn’t “do or say things to impress,” he said. “The faith component is not one of those Jimmy Swaggart ‘hey, look at me’ deals,” he said. “It’s natural and real, and like a true man of faith, he’s not trying to show off.”

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