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Sex-for-pay deal goes bad
Man backs out after learning date was transgender
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Michelle Cain, Brian Cooks and Christopher Lewis

A man who anticipated some pre-Valentine's Day loving Saturday backed out of the deal when he discovered his "date" was transgender.

Brian Cooks, of Statesboro Place Circle, thought the person he had contacted online for sexual services was female, but when he arrived at a Seasons Apartment location, he discovered that Michelle Cain, of Chicago, was in fact biologically male, not female as he expected, said Bulloch County sheriff's Chief Deputy Jared Akins.

Sheriff's Cpl. Mark Guarino met with Statesboro police Officer Matthew Mallard around 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Seasons Apartments after "a female caller advised (Bulloch County 911 operators) of an unknown male in her apartment who refused to leave," Akins said.

Mallard told Guarino that upon arrival, he witnessed Cooks, 20, leaving the apartment on his own accord.

"Cooks then began to inform that he arrived at the residence after contacting a female who he met on a known prostitution website," Akins said. "He advised that he and the female agreed to have sexual activity for $60."

Cooks told Guarino that after he entered the apartment, he realized Cain, 24, the person he had contacted online, was transgender, Akins said.

"He said he refused to leave the apartment until his money was refunded," he said.

Guarino and Mallard tried to contact the residents of the apartment for several minutes, but they refused to answer the door.

Later, Christopher Lewis, 25, of Robin Hood Trail, who lived in the apartment, answered the door "but attempted to mislead the investigation," Akins said.

Mallard and Guarino learned that the apartment was also occupied by Cain, "who was a visitor from Chicago and was the person Cooks had made sexual activity arrangements online for money," he said.

After taking the three involved into custody, sheriff's Investigator L. Parker and Guarino met with Cooks and Cain at the Bulloch County Jail, where Cooks admitted he had contacted Cain about having sex for money, Akins said.

"He stated that they agreed upon the price of $60, but when he discovered that Cain was (transgender), he decided to exit the arrangement, but refused to leave until his money was returned," he said.

However, Cain said Cooks knew that she was transsexual and arrived at the apartment for sex anyway. She said Cooks then said he only wanted to pay $25 for sexual favors.

"Cain ... asked Cooks to leave. Cooks refused to do so, and Cain then called Bulloch Central 911, provided a false name and requested law enforcement assistance," Akins said.

During further questioning, Cain admitted that she "escorts" in order to make money to complete her transformation from male to female. Shee also stated that she had plans to return to Chicago this week, where she also works as an "online escort," Akins said.

Cain was charged with prostitution, Cooks with pandering and Lewis with obstruction, he said. All were booked into the Bulloch County Jail, where they await further court appearances.

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