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Vehicle arson goes awry
Police find fingerprints on inside of car's window
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      SYLVANIA - An attempted vehicle arson went awry in Sylvania recently, leaving behind an intact exterior structure where fingerprints lifted from a rear window should aid in identifying the perpetrator, said responding officer, Cpl. Daniel Burke with Sylvania Police.
      Burke responded to a possible vehicle arson at 12:45 p.m. July 18.
      Speaking with the brother of the vehicle's owner, the victim stated that he was the one who had been driving the car for the past few weeks.
      The windows were all glazed with smoke, said Burke, and when opening the vehicle door, there was still heat inside from the fire and a strong odor of a petroleum substance, not yet identified.
      The damage was isolated to the interior of the vehicle, primarily in the driver's side rear seat, where Burke said an unknown substance was thrown inside and ignited by the offender.
      The fire burned portions of the car's interior and melted a great deal of plastic material inside, said Burke, but because all the doors and windows were closed, the fire had a lack of oxygen and burned itself out.
      The victim stated that no one ever rides in the back seat, where the fire was ignited.
      Photographs were taken of the outside and inside of the vehicle, and three fingerprints were lifted from the exterior, where it appears the offender grabbed the rear window to close the door.
      These along with two samples of the rear seat material were cut out and placed into evidence and sent to the GBI lab for further testing, he said, as the investigation continues forward.
      The victim gave investigators two names of people whom he has had disagreements with and may have motive to carry out such an act.

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