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September 16 Police Report - Claxton, Evans County
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 Evans Sheriff's Arrests
* Isalos Guadalupe, 36, Smith Street-Driving without a license.
* Rodrigo Gomez, 28, Aruba Road-Disorderly conduct, probation violation.
* Michael Dakota Poteat, 20, Claxton-Wanted person/active warrant.
* Felipe Balbuena Morales, 33, North Green Street (Pensacola, FL)-Driving without a license, driving with suspended registration, driving too fast for conditions.
* olicarpo Martinez Sanchez, 33, Aruba Road-Disorderly conduct.
* Lucas Daniel Ramirez, 37, Hamster Road-Disorderly conduct.
* Melquides Contreras Lopez, 27, Brinson Road-Drinking in public.
* Brian Ashley Boulware, 27, Pine Lane-Battery.
* Antonio Cesar, 20, Elton Croft Road-Driving without a license.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
* MAGNOLIA STREET-A man reported that someone threatened him and his family.
* HIGHWAY 129 South-Someone reported a suspicious male walking toward Claxton.
* BUDGET INN-A woman said someone keyed her vehicle and flattened her tire.
* AMERICAN INN-A woman reported that her boyfriend stuck a candy bar in her gas tank, and she wanted him to leave.
* BESSIE ROGERS ROAD-A woman said that her residence had been broken into.
* FIRETOWER ROAD-A woman said that her tag was stolen off her vehicle.
* HOMER DANIEL ROAD-A man said that his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend threatened to burn down his house, in addition to making other threats.
* CLAXTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-A woman reported that a suspicious person was walking around the pre-K building but no cars were in the parking lot.
* TELLIE AKINS ROAD-A woman reported that a man was trying to come to her house, where his wife and child were hiding from him. She said they did not want to go with him and that he was threatening them and wanting to fight.
* OLD SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-A woman said that her husband passed away about a year ago, and his friend has her husband's truck and will not let her get it. The man said that her husband told him he could have it, but there is no paperwork to prove it.
* HIGHWAY 280-A woman reported that she was in a blue Dodge Ram and a man pulled a knife on her. She pulled over to make the call to deputies.
* CHURCH & ROSEMARY-Two black males were reported fighting at this location, where a large crowd had gathered.
* ROGERS BRIDGE DRIVE-A woman reported that she thought someone was trying to enter her house. After turning on the lights, she thought she heard a car door shutting.
* RUFFIN ROAD-A woman reported that during the night someone ran over her dog. She reported that vehicles are always speeding down the road she lives on and that subjects come that way to do drugs down by the hay field.
* AMERICAN INN-A woman reported that a man was beating his wife.
* JOE TODD ROAD-A physical altercation was reported between a father and a daughter.
* HIGHWAY 169-Someone reported an intoxicated driver in a white Mazda driving in the Bellville area.
* RED CLAY ROAD-A woman reported that her boyfriend was hitting her with a pillow and telling her to leave.
* EVANS COUNTY JAIL-A woman reported receiving a call from an incarcerated man. He had hidden a cell phone, which he took into the jail with him and used to make a call to her because he was angry, thinking she had called deputies to have him arrested.
* ARUBA ROAD-Arrests were made after officers responded 3 times to complaints of men playing loud music and making obscene gestures.
* NORTH RIVER STREET-A man was said to be outside on his cell phone when a woman came outside, broke his phone and scratched him in the face. He was reported hitting her in the nose when he tried to push her away.
* MINI STORAGE-A woman said her boyfriend took some of her belongings out of the storage building without her permission.
* JENNIE STATION SPUR-A 15-year-old juvenile was reported hitting his mother.
* HIGHWAY 169-A 12-year-old juvenile was reported as not obeying his mother.
* MAGNOLIA STREET-Someone was reported being at a man's residence and causing trouble.
* HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A man was reported running in and out of traffic on the highway.
* PONDEROSA ROAD-Someone reported that the neighbor's dog tried to bite her.
* ARUBA ROAD-A woman stated that a drunk person was lying in the road.

Claxton Police Arrests
* Gary Jackson, 43, Green Street-Theft by shoplifting.

Claxton Police Incidents
* CLYDE'S MARKET-Store video footage showed a man taking candy and toilet paper and concealing them in his pants. He fled from officers and ran into a wooded area near North Church Street before being arrested.
* STEWART STREET-A man reported that his new craftsman weed eater was stolen from his home.
* WEST MAIN STREET-A woman said she had an altercation with a man. She said they had some words at Brewster's, and he threw tea on her vehicle.
* NORTH DUVAL STREET-While at work, a woman found her van window had been busted out, and the offender took her purse with a wallet, containing $242, driver's license, and pictures. Officers later found the purse but the money was missing.
* NORTH DUVAL STREET-Store owners reported that 3 deposits were missing. An employee said she had given the deposits to her roommate to take to the bank, but there were no records of the deposits at any of the bank locations. The three deposits were in the amounts of $739, $1500, and $1008.
* JAMES STREET-A woman reported that while her car was parked at Claxton Middle School, her vehicle was broken into through a busted window, and the radio and CD player were stolen.
* EAST JAMES STREET-A man reported that someone came from behind and hit another man at his residence and scratched him in the face with a piece of glass. Police said the scratches on his face were not consistent with being made by glass but with fingernails. No signs of forced entry were found.
* SOUTH MARGETTE STREET-A suspicious male was reported walking up and down the street.
* ANDERSON AVENUE-A woman said a German Sheppard was chasing children at this location.

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