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Reading goals make it snow
Claxton Elementary students get 'Snow Day' for reading
W Let It Snow
Claxton Elementary third graders get a blast of snow after meeting reading goals. A Water Day is planned for the Spring. - photo by PHYLLIS ANTHONY/Special

      CLAXTON - Students at Claxton Elementary School didn't have to wait for a storm to blow through to enjoy snow in Claxton.
      Instead of staying home from school, this snow day had students and teachers throwing snowballs in the school yard as a reward for reading.
      Last week, kindergarteners through fifth graders celebrated their reward for meeting their reading goals for the first semester of the 2010-11 school year.
      A snow machine pumped a fresh batch of snow for each grade level that came out throughout the day, said Phyllis Anthony, media specialist.
      The students who met their reading goals for fall semester were able to participate in the snow angels, snow ball fights, and snowman building.
      Students are excited about the challenge of meeting this year's goal of reading 80,000 books, said Anthony. "We are about at the half-way point now," she said.
      As a participant in the 25-book campaign, Claxton Elementary challenges each student to read 25 books this year, she said.
      This will mean reading a total of 1 million words if the goal is met, said Anthony.
      "We know it takes a lot of hard work from students and parents to read the books and log them down at home," Anthony said.
      But the rewards of reading cannot be measured, even in inches of snow.
      On Snow Day, students bundled up, and made plenty of snowballs, said Anthony. They had a blast, she said, and so did the teachers.
      Students who meet their goal for spring will participate in "Water Day" later this year.

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