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'Jail' time helping Relay
Bail money contributing to annual Relay for Life
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Jim McCauley, former Postmaster in Sylvania, rattles the cage in the Jail N' Bail fundraiser. - photo by CRYSTAL WALKER/Staff

      SYLVANIA — Several prominent citizens were “arrested” last week as part of Sylvania’s Jail-N-Bail Relay for Life fundraiser, which raised about$2,500.
      The city has held the event for the past six years, said Peggy Sowell, city administrative assistant, during which individuals are encouraged to take out warrants on those they “love” in order to draw others into the fundraiser.
      It is one of the biggest fundraisers for Relay in the community, she said, with many supporters and lots of cooperation.
      Sylvania Police actually served the warrants and arrested them, said Sowell. Police then collected their bail or brought the “offenders” back to jail. A special jail cell was set up down town next to the fountain, where several willing citizens served their time.
      “It catches on,” said Sowell, “because people like to retaliate!”
      The cost of taking out a warrant was $1, she said, but some generous donors gave $20 to have their “friends” locked up.
      The minimum bail was $10 to get out of jail, she said.
      Among the many citizens who were served warrants were Mayor Margaret Evans, business owners, bank presidents, elected officials, and the city manager, said Sowell.
      Some paid bail in order to continue running their businesses, but some reported to jail and had others bail them out.
      Agnes Tebeau, city ambassador and well-known and loved volunteer to the City and County, said Sowell, raises money for jail and bail every year.
      “People pay pretty good to get her ‘out of jail,’” said Sowell.
      Chris Thomas, president of Hawk Enrichment Center, was another huge proponent for the fundraiser, she said, helping to raise money even after he was locked up and bailed out.
      Relay for Life will be held in Sylvania on April 29 and 30 at Cail Memorial Field.

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