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Hogs killed, fake money passed in Evans
Sheriffs office looking into incidents
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      Evans County investigators are looking into separate incidents from this week where counterfeit money was passed and several hogs were killed.
      A Jet Foods Store clerk reported the use of counterfeit money for the purchase of an alcoholic beverage on Tuesday.
      Investigator Virgil Deloach, with the Evans County Sheriff's Department, said a man described as slender and white was reported purchasing the beverage with a $10 bill. The man received change for the purchase from the store clerk and left the store, Deloach said.
      The clerk didn't realize the bill was counterfeit until the man had left the store. The Claxton Police Department was notified immediately but there are no suspects in the case.
      Deloach also said five grade #1 farm-raised swine were found shot and left in different Evans County locations this week.
      On Tuesday morning, two large hogs were found shot in the head at the bridge on Hendrix Bridge Road, but the carcasses of the hogs appeared undamaged, Deloach said. Three more large hogs were found on Wednesday in the same condition in one of the household garbage dumpsters on Bill Hodges Road outside of Hagan, he said. In the adjacent dumpster, a deer carcass was found with its head and skin removed.
      Someone reported finding a goat carcass Friday, dumped on the edge of Cedar Creek Road, and reported the find to the Evans County Code Enforcement. It is unknown at this time how the goat was killed, Deloach said.
      The hogs averaged 200 pounds apiece and were each determined to be grade #1 farm-raised, he said. There have been no reported thefts of farm animals in Evans County to date. Local area farmers are encouraged to monitor their live stock for theft and report any findings to Evans County Sheriff ILP Center at (912) 739-1611, Deloach said.
      Anyone with information about the counterfeit incident also is asked to call the sheriff's office at the same number.

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