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Evans, Claxton Police reports - Sept. 8
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Evans Sheriff's Arrests
Rosa Ortega, 33, Fort Acre ad (Lyons)-Driving without a license.
Mitchell Lynn Oliver, 41, Bob Small Road-Disorderly conduct.
Stacey Fitzgerald Palmer, 35, Edgar Hodges Road-DUI of alcohol.
Homar Olmos Delores, 26, North Strapnell Street (Metter)-Driving without a license.
Christopher Jarrard, 26, Fox Wood Drive (Odum)-Driving without a license.
Anthony Craig Kent, 28, Highway 169 North-Disorderly conduct.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
CLAXTON POULTRY-Two males were caught stealing chicken.
HIGHWAY 169 NORTH-A woman reported that her neighbors were fighting in the yard and their children are crying.
CARUTHA BARNARD ROAD-A woman said that she and her mother were sitting on the back porch enjoying the cool night air until they heard someone shooting a gun. She requested a deputy come check things out.
HIGHWAY 280 WEST-A man said someone went into his truck during the night and stole $2,000.
DELOACH CHURCH ROAD-Someone reported that a woman came to her door last Tuesday night wearing a white towel and asking to use the phone because her vehicle had broken down at the bridge.
HIGHWAY 129 NORTH-A woman stated that someone stole her deep well water parts out from under her porch.
HIGHWAY 280 WEST-A man said that something flew off of a big truck and burst his window on his Silverado truck.
HIGHWAY 280-A man reported that a former employee charged $517.18 to his company at Ace Hardware in Metter.
FIRETOWER ROAD-A man reported that someone broke into a church.
RED CLAY ROAD-A woman stated that her boyfriend was threatening to throw her belongings outside, and he wanted her to leave.
LA CASA CARMEN-Someone reported a car with the head lights on and 2 white males holding rifles.
AMERICAN INN-Someone was reported burning grass at this location.
OLD HAGAN ROAD-Someone said here was a maroon vehicle parked close to her house with someone sitting in it.
MAGNOLIA STREET-A man reported someone at his residence in a vehicle that he wanted to leave.
ARCHIE MITCHELL ROAD-A woman said that her sister told her that if she didn't get her things out of the shed, she would burn them. The complainant also said her sister had struck her husband.
DANNY MILLER TRAILER PARK-Someone reported a group of people fighting in the yard.
EL DORADO CLUB-A woman said that a driver almost hit her and her family head on then parked behind this location.
RIVERSIDE DRIVE-A man reported that 2 men driving a white truck hit his wife who was on a four wheeler at the time. He said she was not injured but the people in the truck drove off.
CHURCH STREET-A man said his unruly 14-year-old son left the house when he was told not to and is believed to be at this location.
UNITED HOUSE OF PRAYER-A woman said that a man threatened to strike her at this location.
DAISY NEVILS ROAD-A man said that when he was at the tractor pull at this location that his Motorola droid was taken out of his vehicle.
OLD DUBLIN ROAD-A woman was reported taking a lot of pills in a possible suicide attempt.
HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A man reported that his neighbor was knocking on his door, and he had a "do not disturb" sign on his door knob.

Claxton Police Arrests
None for the week.

Claxton Police Incidents
CLAXTON HIGH SCHOOL-A student was said to be unruly and refusing to do anything she was told.
DOLLAR GENERAL-A witness said that a white female came into the store and picked up 2 boxes of Hane's men's underwear. The woman showed a receipt from the Dollar General in Statesboro, then said she needed to go to the car to get her husband. At that point, they fled from the store with the stolen underwear.
HARDEN CHAPEL ROAD (Lyons)-A woman said someone stole her master card and debit card. Several transactions were made where someone would have had to have her pin number also.
CHARLIE'S COIN WASH & DRY-A television was said to be found at this location.
NORTH RIVER STREET-Someone entered a man's storage building taking a hedge trimmer. The complainant said he went to Pawn City to let them know it had been stolen, and they said there had been one brought in that morning. The equipment was returned to its owner.
C.V.S.-A man was caught on camera putting gain and tide liquid detergent in his pants. He then grabbed more in hand and ran out of the store.
HILLSIDE APARTMENTS-A nurse attending to a patient said she was assaulted by a 22-year-old male.
NORTH CLARK STREET-A woman said there was an unwanted man in her granddaughter's house. She said he had been cursing at her.

- Compiled by Crystal Walker

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