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Daisy to discuss PO closing Tuesday


      “If you lose your post office, you lose your identity as a town,” said Daisy’s Mayor Inman Brown, Jr.

      Small post offices like the one in Daisy, Georgia, will potentially be forced to close their doors since Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe announced the redesign of the United States Postal Service last month.

      According to a March 24 USPS press release, about 7,500 positions will be eliminated across the organization through the newly redesigned Postal Service that also includes the closing of seven district offices.

      “I am confident that we have developed a strong plan that takes a key step toward a leaner and less bureaucratic structure,” Donahoe was quoted. “One that is fair to our employees and one that will meet the future needs of our customers and the mailing industry,” he said.

      Among the seven district offices closing is South Georgia’s, which Brown said would merge into the Jacksonville, Florida office.

      Residents of Daisy are banding together to fight the close of their historic post office and will make their voices known at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday.

      The community created a Facebook page to join its citizens in their efforts and voice to save Daisy’s post office—Daisy Georgia Facebook Page.

      It is a part of history, said Brown, and citizens don't want to see it close.

      Present at Tuesday’s hearing will be Linda Winslette, manager of post office operations in Macon, to answer questions and shed light on the subject of Daisy’s potential closing.

      As a self-supporting business with 200 boxes and lots of activity, many disgruntled citizens question why Daisy is on the nix list at all, said Brown.

      The Daisy post office is more than what it seems, he said. It has been for years and remains a meeting place, where at least 25 customers walk every day to pick up their mail.

      The hearing will be held Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Daisy Community Center.

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