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Daisy PO battle begins
Town citizens organizing petition, online campaign
Residents of the small Evans County city of Daisy are petitioning to keep their post office open.


        DAISY - The fight continues in Daisy to save the town's historic post office after a forum with United States Post Office communications specialist, Nancy Ross, suggested a bleak future for many small-town offices nationwide.
        Daisy citizens packed the house in order to have their voices heard, making it clear that closing their post office was neither a popular idea nor one that they would passively allow to happen.
       Many shared the feeling with Daisy Mayor Inman "Junior" Brown that the "little community would lose its identity" if the post office were closed.
       Ross said initially only information is being gathered on small-town offices across the country to determine the economic feasibility of keeping them open.
       "The economic downturn has affected us just like any other business," said Ross, "and we have to rethink our business model to survive."
       Approximately 2,000 small offices across the nation are being considered for closure.
       However, Brown and the citizens of Daisy do not want to wait for the results of the study.
       Brown and his wife, Carolyn, began by writing letters to congressmen and to the USPS, and most recently, sending a petition with 90 signatures.
       "We don't want it to close," said Carolyn Brown. She feels that the more the situation is in the public eye, the greater chance Daisy has of keeping their post office open.
       To join in the effort to keep Daisy's post office alive or to sign the petition, go to:!/DaisyGeorgia1890 or
        Information can also be obtained about the post office by calling Mayor Brown at (912) 739-2125.

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