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Schools payroll costs to grow by $2.3M in 2015
CFO: Step raises for most employees were there all along
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A fiscal year 2015 budget that, if adopted, will become the Bulloch County Schools’ first formally balanced budget in six years contains $2.3 million in increased spending for salaries and benefits.That includes some new hiring, and it doesn’t mean there will be any additional raises. But it does, as Chief Financial Officer Troy Brown pointed out in his presentation Thursday to the Board of Education, include $559,000 for periodic raises that school employees, short of 21 years of service, have been receiving all along.“A lot of times people think that that’s just the teachers, that teachers are the only ones that see a step increase, and for the certified person, the state does call it ‘step,’ but it’s not only our certified employees that get a step, or an experience increase, it’s also our noncertified,” Brown said.“Certified” employees are those, such as teachers and principals, whose jobs require a state certificate. They receive step increases both for experience and levels of certification, which are based on education requirements.A chart on the Georgia Department of Education website shows that teachers receive their first experience increase their third year, followed by annual increases through the eighth year.
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