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Restaurant Inspections
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    The following are among the food service establishments inspected in October and November by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit
Oct. 23
    Howard Johnson Express, 316 South Main Street  Score: 87
    Soap/paper towels needed at hand sink. Protect single-serve plates, bowls, etc. Remove and clean up broken eggs in bottom of cooler. Clean dusty fan. Repair broken lid on chest freezer. Do not store cans of gravy on floor next to toxics. All food must be six inches off floor. Pull out and clean behind all equipment and along baseboards. Inspector: R.M. Clifton.

Oct. 30
    Howard Johnson Express, 316 South Main Street  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Clean greasy hood. Protect single-serve plates/bowls. Make sure there is a thermometer in all coolers/freezers. Part for freezer lid has been ordered. Inspector: Clifton.
    Brown’s Rehab, 226 South College Street  Score: 100
    Kitchen is very nice. No violations. Inspector: W. Street.
    Hampton Inn, 616 Fair Road  Score: 95
    Clean fan. Clean refrigerator. Repair floor in kitchen. Scoop used in ice must have handle. Inspector: Clifton.
    Waffle House, South Main Street  Score: 85
    Clean moldy ice machine. Keep cloths in sanitizer. Keep scoop handles up out of food. Make sure all foods are covered. Do not store toxics on 1-compartment sink. Utensils should not be in cooler/freezer area. Personal drinks should not be stored next to customer food. Inspector: Clifton.

Nov. 2
    Waffle House, South Main Street  Score: 84 (Reinspection)
    Do not handle food in the 3-compartment sink. Do not store personal drinks in cooler next to consumer food. All cloths should be stored in sanitizer. Keep scoop handles up out of food. Eggs must be stored in cooler at 41 degrees F or less until ready to be used. Inspector: Clifton.

Oct. 30
    Talon’s Grille, GSU Student Union  Score: 91
    Improper ice scoop storage. Clean ice machine (mold). Thermometers needed in all coolers/freezers. Clean inside freezer (mold). Cover all food items when not in use. Clean bottom of dessert cooler. Clean floor in freezer. Cover all food items in coolers/freezers. Clean fans in cooler. Clean floors behind grills, etc. Inspector: Marlin D. Thomas.

Oct. 31
    William James Educational Complex, Williams Road  Score: 100
    All milk coolers and hot holding were keeping temperature. No food prepared on site. One cooler was not working but no food for consumption was stored within. Work order has been called in. Inspector: Clifton.
    Nessmith-Lane Catering, Nessmith-Lane Building  Score: 97
    Improper towel storage. Clean floors under and around equipment. Inspector: Thomas.
    Goodbird’s, 732 Northside Drive  Score: 93
    Flies in kitchen area. Clean hoods (filters). Label bottled vinegar. Cover all food items when not in use. Inspector: Thomas.
    Southern Manor  Score: 96
    Clean canisters. Keep scoop handles up out of food. Very neat, clean and organized. Inspector: Clifton.

Nov. 1
    Huddle House, Lanier Drive  Score: 91
    Keep cloths in sanitizer. Replace dirty cloth water. Paper towels needed at hand sink up front. Paper towels needed in men’s restroom. Soap needed in women’s restroom. Repair seal on cooler. Repaint or replace rusty shelves in cooler. Keep scoop handles up out of food. Thermometers needed in all coolers. Clean kitchen in areas. Inspector: Clifton.

Nov. 2
    China Super Buffet, Fair Road  Score: 92
    Keep containers out of ice bin. Improper ice scoop — no handle. Clean can opener. Clean cooler gaskets. Label bulk storage. Cloths improperly stored. Air dry dishes before stacking. Inspector: Street.
    Papa John’s Pizza  Score: 95
    Need working thermometer in cooler. Clean/sanitize cutting board. Water-damaged tiles on ceilings. Inspector: Street.

Nov. 5
    Medical Center Pharmacy  Score: 96
    Clean inside of microwave. Do not store food/food supplies under plumbing. Very nice. Inspector: Street.
    Nikko’s Express, 701 Piedmont Loop  Score: 90
    Thermometer needed in cooler. Store handles out of food. Sushi rice being cooked and thrown out every four hours. Will need a log sheet with person’s name responsible.  The following Category I item was corrected at the time of the inspection: improper thawing of food. Only: under running water, inside cooler, in microwave or during cooking process. Inspector: Street.
    Domino’s  Score: 95
    Rid kitchen of flies. Clean radio and food cart. Inspector: Brad Wiggins.

Nov. 6
    Moe’s, 608 Brannen Drive  Score: 100
    Great job. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 13
    Barberito’s  Score: 98
    Keep utensil handles facing same direction. Keep sleeves up on cups. Seal wood up front. Inspector: Wiggins.
    El Sombrero, Highway 80 East/600 Northside Drive  Score: 97
    Keep plastic sleeves up on single-serve articles. Keep cloths in sanitizer. Store utensils inverted. Great job. Inspector: Clifton.
    Arby’s  Score: 86
    Do not prep food in areas not protected from customers/contamination. Ice scoop must be used. Cover foods. Do not put food on floor. Repair freezer door. Repair floor. Repaint where needed. Keep sleeves on cups or do not overfill cup bins. All potentially hazardous foods must be held hot (140 degrees F or warmer) or cold (41 degrees F or cooler).  The following Category I item was corrected at the time of the inspection: food discarded. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 16
    Arby’s  Score: 98 (Reinspection)
    Repair floors. Repaint where needed. Fix freezer door. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 13
    Willingway, 311 Jones Mill Road  Score: 100
    Excellent. Inspector: Clifton.

Nov. 14
    Longhorn’s  Score: 67
    Do not keep out of date foods — Oct. 15 — half and half. All potentially hazardous foods must be held hot (140 degrees F or warmer) or cold (41 degrees F or cooler). Keep rags in sanitizing solution. Seal back door. Get soap and hand towels at hand sink. Cover all foods. Store raw meats below other items in cooler. Get thermometers in all coolers. Do not allow raw meats to contact other items in coolers. Clean where needed. Keep scoop’s handle up in food. Repair all plumbing leaks. Repair clogged sewer line. The following Category I items were corrected at the time of the inspection: sink disabled; food on lines less than three hours relocated to freezer/cooler. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 16
    Longhorn’s  Score: 91 (Reinspection)
    Do not prep food in dish sink. Seal bottom of back door. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 15
    IHop, 800 Highway 80 East  Score: 95
    Thermometer not visible in front cooler. Need light shield. Spray rinse nozzle hanging below water line in dish sink. Label bulk storage bins. Inspector: Street.
    BCCI, Highway 301 North  Score: 96
    Keep cloths in sanitizing solution between uses. Clean hand sink faucet. Clean handle on cooler door. Inspector: Street.
    KBOB Kelly’s, 516 South Main Street  Score: 90
    Keep cooler floor clean. The following Category I item was corrected at the time of the inspection: reheat foods to 165 degrees F for 15 seconds then place in warmer. Inspector: Street.
    Holiday Pizza, 406 Fair Road  Score: 91
    Clean cooler door handles. Clean cooler door gaskets. Sanitize cutting board. Need thermometers in all coolers. Inspector: Street.
    Pizza Hut, South Main Street  Score: 95
    Clean where needed. Keep single service items handle up in bins. Post inspection form, permit and choking poster. Keep thermometer in cooler. Inspector: Wiggins.
    Zaxby’s, 504 Fair Road  Score: 90
    Clean ice machine — where ice discharges — mold. Seal back door bottom. Rusty shelves in stand up cooler. Inspector: Street.
    Wendy’s, 500 Fair Road  Score: 95
    Single-service protected — filters. Clean hood. Cooler door won’t shut. Inspector: Street.

Nov. 16
    Willie’s Fast Food, 139 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard  Score: 96
    Keep cloths in sanitizing solution between uses. Protect single-use items in storage. Inspector: Street.
    Sugar Magnolia Bakery, 106 C Savannah Avenue  Score: 93
    Clean display case — crumbs. Need light shields in dry storage. Washing hands in prep sink and not sanitizing — wash in hand sink with soap. Inspector: Street.
    Popeye’s Chicken, 526 Fair Road  Score: 96
    Clean wall. Clean cooler floor. Inspector: Street.
    Walker Pharmacy Soda Fountain, Highway 67 South  Score: 91
    Label bulk bin. Eating in kitchen — soup. Store eggs below ready to eat items. Store food service items six inches off floor. Water-damaged ceiling tile. Need thermometer in cooler. Inspector: Street.
    Dylanger’s, 21D S&L Lane, Stilson  Score: 94
    Non-cleanable container reused. Protect single-use items in storage. Light shields needed in rear area. Invert pans/cups when storing. Thermometers needed inside all coolers. Inspector: Street.
    Stilson’s Cafe, Highway 80 East, Stilson  Score: 91
    Non-cleanable container reused. Rusty shelves in cooler. Store raw fish on bottom shelves below ready-to-eat foods. Improper dish washing technique — wash/rinse/sanitize. Fix back door threshold — should be self-closing. Inspector: Street.

Nov. 19
    Midtown Coffee House  Score: 90
    Sanitize cutting board. Store cleaners separate from foods. Inspector: Street.
    In the Shade, Highway 301 South  Score: 90
    Cloths need to be kept in sanitizer in between uses. Need paper towels at hand sink in kitchen and restroom. All food in freezers/coolers must be labeled and date marked. Store utensils dry or in water at 170 degrees F or above. Clean bottom of small freezer. Clean seals on small refrigerator. Cover light in pantry. Self-closer on bathroom door must close door. Keep plastic sleeves up on cups, etc. Inspector: Clifton.
    Briggs & Stratton Canteen  Score: 91
    Clean toaster. Keep cloths in sanitizer. Keep cloths in sanitizer. Clean kitchen in areas. Clean dusty fan. Clean handles on coolers. Store mop hanging up. Need hand soap at hand sink. Inspector: Clifton.
    Wrapsody Grill  Score: 88
    Protect single-use items — coffee filters. Clean outside of bulk containers. Rusty shelves in cooler.  The following Category I item was corrected at the time of the inspection: food in prep cooler at 52 degrees F thrown out. Inspector: Street.

Nov. 20
    Wrapsody Grill  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Dish machine not reaching proper temperature. Rinse is at 120-128 degrees F. Should be 140 degrees F. Inspector: Street.
    McAlister’s Deli, 1100 Brampton Avenue  Score: 81
    Clean/sanitize cutting boards. Close/cover food when not in use. Thermometer needed in stand-up cooler. Keep cooler door handle clean. Repair spray rinse nozzle and clean — cannot hang below sink water level. Air dry dishes before stacking. Store chemicals separate from cleaners — same color cans — Raid and oven cleaner. Inspector: Street.

Nov. 21
    McAlister’s Deli, 1100 Brampton Avenue  Score: 96 (Reinspection)
    Replace cutting boards. Keep tong handles out of food. Inspector: Wiggins.

Nov. 20
    Willow Pond  Score: 90
    Clean bottom of cereal storage bin (on top of upright freezer in back). Clean stove. Clean table beside stove. Clean outside (lids) of bulk storage containers. Clean doors on freezers/coolers. Food must be dispensed with a scoop with a handle. Clean hand sink. Flour, mashed potatoes should be stored in a sealed container. Inspector: Clifton.
    Ms. DeDe’s, 8090 Nevils-Groveland Road Score: 94
    Keep eggs stored beneath ready-to-eat foods. Store cloths in sanitizing solution between uses. Protect single-use items. Need hair net. Inspector: Street.
    High Hope Score: 96
    Utensils should be stored with handles all the same way. Keep cloths in sanitizer. Scoops used for dispensing must have handles. Great job. Inspector: Clifton.
    East Georgia Regional Medical Center  Score: 93
    Clean floor under dish machine. Keep utensil bins clean. Sanitizing solution not strong enough in dish sink. Keep thermometer in all coolers. Inspector: Street.
— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward
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