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Restaurant Inspections
Restaurant Inspections

The following are among the food service establishments inspected in September by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. 

The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. 

To view all restaurant scores, visit and select Bulloch County.

Sept. 1

➤ Smoothie King, 357 Brampton Avenue  

▲ Score: 91

Observed container lid stored in hand-washing sink. Observed scoop handles down in food containers. Observed food debris in freezers. Observed flies throughout the store. Inspector: LaRon Randall.

Sept. 2

➤ Bourbon Grill & More, 10 Statesboro Mall  

▲ Score: 96

Observed unlabeled spray bottle of chemical. Corrected on-site; spray bottle labeled. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Chicken Salad Chick, 715 Northside Drive East Suite 2  

▲ Score: 97

Observed reach-in cooler missing thermometers. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Krystal, 781 Brannen Road  

▲ Score: 90

Hand sink missing paper towels. Cutting board no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Food debris accumulated in the bottom of reach-in cooler. Hot water not reaching 120 degrees F; no hot water. Light exposed under back door. Inspector: Randall.

Sept. 9

➤ Surcheros of Statesboro, 885 Arch Way  

▲ Score: 95

Observed debris on can opener blade. Corrected on-site; can opener washed, rinsed and sanitized. Observed minor debris on kitchen floor. Clean floors in kitchen. Inspector: Laura Moore.

➤ Yolo Foods, dba Wild Wing Cafe, 52 Aspen Heights Drive   

▲ Score: 93

Prep workers missing hair restraints. Observed cutting board that is not smooth and easily cleanable; needs refinishing/replacing. Observed debris and water in bottom of reach-in coolers. Clean non-food contact surfaces. Observed flies in kitchen area. Inspector: Randall.

Sept. 13

➤ Wing Maxx, 127 Northside Drive East   

▲ Score: 92

Observed black organic matter in ice machine. Observed reach-in coolers missing thermometers. Observed build-up of grease on ventilation hoods. Inspector: Randall.

Sept. 14

➤ Wendy's, 600 Northside Drive East  

▲ Score: 94

Observed food service workers not wearing hair restraints. Hat or hair net must be worn when working with food. Observed mop not stored hanging to dry. Observed excessive water holding in bottom of reach-in cooler. Observed sleeve of cups on floor in dry storage area. Observed debris on floors throughout facility. Observed employee cell phone and charger stored on food prep counter. Inspector: Moore.

Sept. 16

➤ Wendy's, 500 Fair Road  

▲ Score: 91

Observed organic matter on ice machine shield. Observed degreaser stored on food prep countertop. Observed cups stacked above counter level. Inspector: Moore.

Sept. 21

➤ Bulloch County Correctional Complex, 17257 Highway 301 North  

▲ Score: 97

Reach-in cooler missing temp measuring devices. Inspector: Randall.

➤ Waffle House #2310, 30 Eddie Rushing Drive  

▲ Score: 90

Observed steak in cooler drawer with internal temperature of 49 degrees F; food discarded. Repair prep top cooler. Do not hold potentially-hazardous foods in cooler until repaired. Observed tomatoes in prep top cooler with internal temperature of 50 degrees F. Corrected on-site; food discarded. Repair cooler. Observed gravy in hot-holding unit with internal temperature of 125 degrees F. Corrected on-site; food discarded. Observed debris in bottom of reach-in cooler. Observed debris in bottom of walk-in cooler and freezer. Clean non-food contact surfaces. Inspector: Moore.

➤ Your Pie, 701 Piedmont Loop  

▲ Score: 94

Observed crust build-up on can opener blade. Observed reach-in cooler with broken seal. Observed food accumulation in reach-in cooler. Inspector: Randall.

— compiled by Rheneta A. Washington Ward

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