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National conventions pick area delegates
GOP: 2 for Trump, 1 for Cruz; Dems: 4 for Clinton, 1 for Sanders
W Rick-Allen
Rep. Rick Allen, the Republican who represents the 12th District in Congress, was keynote speaker at the 12th District GOP convention Coffee County Middle School in Douglas.
Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, which extends from Augusta to Douglas and includes Statesboro, will send five voting delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and three delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Two of the district’s Republican delegates are committed to vote for Donald Trump for presidential nominee, at least on the first round of voting, while one of the delegates is committed to vote for Ted Cruz on the first ballot. Meanwhile, four of the Democratic delegates are bound to vote for Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee, while one of the delegates is bound to Bernie Sanders.
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