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Mornings unPHILtered - McKinney enters District 12 race
Candidate a strong supporter of nuclear power; challenging Barrow
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    Thursday's “Morning's unPHILtered” show was all about power and energy. The guest was Ray McKinney, a Republican seeking to challenge Democrat John Barrow for his 12th District seat in Congress. Show host Phil Boyum asked McKinney why he decided to run.
    McKinney, who ran for the seat in 2008, said simply that now is the perfect time for the Republican Party to take back many offices currently held by Democrats, and he believes he can win. In the July Republican primary, McKinney will face Jeanne Seaver of Savannah and Carl Smith of Thunderbolt.
    McKinney said he works in the nuclear power plant industry, and said he would love to see America build more of these clean plants to replace the dirty coal-burning plants currently in operation all around the country.
    McKinney said using natural gas or wind turbines for many industrial applications just doesn't make economic sense. McKinney said in his travels around the world he finds many other nations beginning to rely more and more on nuclear power for their energy.
    McKinney said his main focus will be getting the federal government to stop giving things away. For instance, McKinney said China has kept its third-world status which gives them tax credits and incentives, things that they no longer even qualify for.
    McKinney said the federal government must also start using some common sense, and stop trying to do everything for everybody. McKinney said the federal stimulus money could have been used to build hundreds of safe nuclear power plants.
    McKinney reminded Boyum each nuclear power plant has a final life cycle, and many of America's existing nuclear power plants will have to be replaced in the next decade or so.
    McKinney said nuclear power produces no greenhouse gasses, and are extremely clean. McKinney said shut-down nuclear plants can be cleaned up and reused, unlike many other plants that are sealed off and left to rust and rot.
    Boyum asked him if he would agree to a 12th Congressional District debate, and he replied “in a heartbeat.”
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