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Mornings unPHILtered - AG candidate: Watch the feds
Sam Olens wants more ethics reform
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      Friday’s guest on the “Mornings unPHILteredShow” was Sam Olens, the current Cobb County commission chairman and Republican candidate for the attorney general seat, which is vacant for the first time in decades. Olens graduated from Emory School of Law and has practiced law in Atlanta for 26 years.
      Olens said right now he’s working to keep taxes where they are in Cobb County by trimming budgets. One method is to combine agencies purchasing requests in order to buy products such as fuel in bulk.
      Working with his employees, Olens has required everybody to tighten their belts, which allows them to keep their jobs. Olens wants to toughen ethics violations with larger fines and removal from office if convicted.
      He also believes in term limits, and believes that every office should require limits on how long someone can stay in their seat.   Furthermore, if a politician runs for another office, they should resign the one they have. In fact, Olens said he will resign from his office in February to focus on his campaign.
      Concerning the Tea Party movement, Olens said Americas need to stand up to their government, which, he said, seems determined to bankrupt the nation with uncontrolled spending.
      Olens also wants all of the referendums that Georgia voters are asked to vote on be explained in plain English and not legalese.
Asked about redistricting areas into simple and logical regions, Olens stated that the parties in power always resist anything that might dilute their power. He said there would be a need for a constitutional amendment in order to ensure no parts of the population would be disenfranchised.
      Olens said the state Attorney General does not ensure the passage of laws, but rather ensure that they are followed and defends them from legal challenges. The Attorney General is at the head of Ethics investigations; once a determination has been made there possible violations have been made.
      Olens said the state government needs to keep control over state issues, and bills such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are a constant reminder of the attempt of the federal government to take over areas that are solely the state’s concern. He said the state attorney general should be there to defend states rights in all of these cases, as the federal government seems determined to mind our business if they can get away with it.

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