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McKinney gets Palin approval
District 12 candidate: Key to race is name recognition
McKinney for Web
Ray McKinney

Wednesday's guest on the "Mornings unPHILtered" show was Republican 12th District Congressional candidate Ray McKinney, who is running against incumbent Democrat John Barrow.

Ray McKinney told host Phil Boyum that he is traveling around the state on an agricultural tour this week. Boyum started off the interview by asking McKinney about his endorsement from national political celebrity Sarah Palin.

McKinney said his biggest problem in this race is getting people to recognize his name, as his opponent has been elected to three terms in the U.S. Congress. Palin's recent endorsement of him, McKinney said, should give a big boost in name recognition.

Asked about Palin's mentioning of Barrow's missed votes in Congress, Boyum expressed his concern over the fact that it was only 2 percent of missed votes and doubted whether or not this was a real problem.

McKinney said he is more concerned about how Barrow actually voted.

For instance, he said, Barrow supported bailing out GM and the other major automakers, and voted for bailing out the major banks.

Concerning Barrow's canceling coming to the recent stump speeches in Statesboro, McKinney said both candidates were invited to participate in a parade elsewhere.

McKinney said he chose to come to Statesboro to speak to the people. Barrow, he said, chose instead to ride in the parade. Boyum told McKinney he wants politicians to stop playing games, and tell the truth.

McKinney said he believes Barrow has not given the people across the district what they deserve - a chance to hear the candidates debate.

Instead, McKinney said Barrow's office sends out mailers to different groups in District 12 touting what he has done. McKinney said Barrow is a smart politician, and he knows that he is well-known around the district while McKinney is not. By refusing to attend debates with McKinney, Barrow prevents McKinney from getting more recognition while he himself loses nothing as to his own name recognition.

Boyum stated that in the future maybe politicians who receive federal election funding should be required to attend debates, so the people would be able to hear the candidates together.

McKinney said he wants the American people to participate in the political process, but unfortunately many are either so turned off by politics or so busy just trying to survive that they ignore it altogether.

Things like the Sarah Palin endorsement, McKinney said, are getting more people around the country to consider helping him in his effort to unseat John Barrow, and he said that is just what his campaign needs right now.

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