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McCorkle reinstatement rumors swirl
judy mccorckle cmyk-cam
Judy McCorkle - photo by FILE
    Rumors about the possible reinstatement of Judy McCorkle to her former position as Statesboro’s city clerk have swirled around town since she was dismissed Monday, but McCorkle said no one has talked to her about the possibility.
    “Let me tell you two things: I can’t comment on anything, first. And second, I haven’t heard any rumors,” McCorkle said.
    McCorkle, a 16-year veteran at the city, was let go by City Manager Shane Haynes who said the decision was tough but necessary to build a cohesive team.
    Haynes could not be reached for comment Thursday, but said Tuesday he had no knowledge of possible reinstatement of the former city clerk. Haynes said he would look at the possibility of splitting up McCorkle’s duties among staff members. In addition to handling city clerk duties, she was the director of finance and administration as well as the city’s election supervisor.
    Mayor Bill Hatcher, who has been out of town for the week, said the initial news of McCorkle’s termination caught him a bit off guard.
    “I was very surprised. I don’t know what all the circumstances are,” Hatcher said. “I know she’s been with the city for a long time and has been a faithful and very good employee.”
    Asked if he was disappointed to see her employment end in that fashion, Hatcher said that was a true statement though he would not say whether he would seek her reinstatement.
    “I don’t know. I’ve been gone and in meetings from seven in the morning until 10 o’clock at night,” Hatcher said. “I’ll address that when I get home.”
    City Attorney Sam Brannen would not comment whether or not the city charter gives the mayor the authority to override the city manager’s administrative decisions.
    “You need to check with the city manager,” Brannen said. “That would be advice I can only give to the mayor and council. I wouldn’t make any comments on that.”
    Would McCorkle accept reinstatement if it was offered to her?
    “I haven’t been informed of anything. I’ve been kind of at a loss about his whole situation from the beginning and anything I told you would just be guessing," McCorkle said. "I’m not avoiding your question, I just don’t have the answer to your question.”

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