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Is your heating system ready for the freezing temps ahead?
Keep your home warm and cozy all winter long with these maintenance tips from the pros at Peach State AC
Locally Owned 12/20/22

Unusually cold winter weather has blown into Statesboro just in time for Christmas, bringing with it the lowest temperatures our area has seen in years. While it’s an especially busy time of year for all of us preparing for the holidays, it can be a stressful season for your home’s heating system, too. Is yours ready for the challenges ahead?

To ensure your home remains warm and cozy through some of the toughest months of the year, give your HVAC system some attention with the following maintenance tips, courtesy of Peach State Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Statesboro:

1.       Change the air filters. Regularly changing air filters helps maintain proper air flow, which is crucial to your HVAC system. Dirty filters can reduce its efficiency, making it run harder than it should. This can drive up your energy bills and strain the system, sometimes causing extensive damage that requires costly repairs.

2.       Clean the air vents. When vacuuming your home, be sure to vacuum the air vents, too. This prevents blockages and can help maintain indoor air quality, as well as a comfortable temperature throughout each room.

3.       Check the thermostat. Save energy — and money — by turning your thermostat down during the day while your family is out, and turning it up only when you’re home. A programmable thermostat makes that easy by keeping temperatures at the most efficient settings all season long.

4.       Schedule a routine checkup. If you didn’t have a heating system inspection done in the fall, now is the time to set one up. This allows an HVAC technician to look for any signs of wear and tear or potential problems that need to be addressed to keep your system running smoothly.

Make an appointment today to have your system inspected by the pros at Peach State Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Statesboro. Established in 2016, Peach State AC specializes in both residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning services including installation, maintenance and repair.  Certified technicians are on call around the clock and typically respond within an hour — not hours or even days later — with fully stocked service vehicles carrying 90% of the parts most often needed for repairs.

Contact Peach State AC, located at 1500 Red Fern Lane in Statesboro, by calling (912) 489-1585, emailing, or visiting

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