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Watch out for signs of problems with your HVAC system
Avoid an unwanted breakdown this summer with some preventative maintenance performed by the pros at Peach State Air Conditioning
Locally Owned 4/6/23

Before a home or office cooling system stops working, there are often signs, if you notice them early enough, that can help you get ahead of more costly repairs. The following are some problems to watch out for.

·         Air vents blowing warm air. Think about the air vents inside your living space. Do they give off warm air instead of cold or frosty? This could be a sign of a coolant leak, which can result in frozen lines.

·         In-home moisture problems. Immoderate moisture can signify issues with residential cooling systems. If the humidity inside of your home is particularly intense, there may be something amiss with your AC unit.

·         Weak airflow from air vents. In many cases, inadequate airflow points to an inefficient system. The problem could be as simple as an air filter that needs changing. Not only does this affect airflow and cooling, but it can also affect the quality of the air itself, which could trigger allergic reactions.

·         Water leaking from the AC unit. Air conditioning units depend on refrigerant in order to make living spaces cooler. That’s why they sometimes bring on moisture buildup while they function. Still, refrigerant collection should not take place, and refrigerant should not be able to get into your space via leakage. Water gathering close to your cooling unit is an indication that your air conditioner is not functioning correctly and requires immediate attention. Leaks can quickly wreak havoc and cause major structural concerns, especially if your condenser is in the attic.

·         Nonstop cycling. Units that are in tiptop shape experience regular cycles, regardless of the temperatures outdoors, but continuous cycling can point to the need for professional repairs. Basic maintenance can often take care of cooling systems that exhibit cycling troubles. A certified HVAC professional can determine the root of the problem and help you find a permanent solution. 

·         Strange odors coming from the air conditioner. If your nose detects any smells that are tough to shake, then you may be due for some professional AC maintenance. Strong odors could indicate the presence of mold, mildew or even a dead animal and should be addressed as soon as you first notice them.

·         Unit making strange sounds. Most air conditioning systems create subtle sounds when they turn on and off. However, abrupt, intense or strange noises may indicate major cooling unit woes. Thudding and humming can point to parts are not in their correct positions. In many cases, oddly high-pitched sounds lead to more severe air conditioning problems.

·         Trouble maintaining temperatures indoors. Though they can last for years, shorts, bumps or simply old age can cause your thermostat to malfunction. If your residence or business is having trouble maintaining proper temperatures, having a certified professional check your thermostat could save you major repair bills down the road.

·         HVAC system causing increased power bills. While it’s normal your monthly power bill to go up during the summer months, significant unexpected jumps could be an indicator of other issues that a qualified AC technician from Peach State AC can help identify and fix.

Make an appointment today to have your system inspected by the pros at Peach State Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Statesboro to avoid costly breakdowns in your HVAC systems during the busy summer months ahead. Established in 2016, Peach State AC specializes in both residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning services including installation, maintenance and repair.  Certified technicians are on call around the clock and typically respond within an hour — not hours or even days later — with fully stocked service vehicles carrying 90% of the parts most often needed for repairs.

Contact Peach State AC, located at 1500 Red Fern Lane in Statesboro, by calling (912) 489-1585, emailing, or visiting

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