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Think twice about do-it-yourself security system – consider the expertise, convenience of Capstone Solutions
capstone technology

There are a few things every homeowner can do to make their homes safer. Installing motion detector flood lights, window and door locks, and similar projects are easy enough and can add a level of improved safety to our homes with just an hour or two of our time.

When it comes to security systems, however, there are so many variables to consider that it can be easy to overlook necessary steps if homeowners attempt self-installation.

When hiring someone to professionally install your home security system, you can expect the pros to do two things before he or she begins installation. The first is called a security survey. This survey assesses every risk and vulnerability in your home. The second step is a Needs Analysis. This takes into consideration the homeowner’s motivation for getting the alarm system.

How comprehensive do you need your security monitoring to be? Are you looking to move toward a smart home and include automation with your security? These are things that a professional can help you consider.

Even when a homeowner purchases a do-it-yourself home security system, the savings they get on installation fees can result in hours of time and aggravation and still leave their home vulnerable to thieves or damage. Many fail to consider permits that may be required to make use of remote monitoring or emergency response features, and often the complicated wiring can leave most homeowners befuddled at best and putting their home at greater risk at worst.

Whether you have already purchased a home security system you planned to install yourself or you are just beginning your research, Bulloch Solutions can help you find the best option to fit your needs.

For decades, Bulloch County has trusted Bulloch Telephone with their home phone, internet, email and more. Now, you can trust us with your home. Don’t leave your family or business vulnerable.

The Capstone Solutions branch of Bulloch Telephone has experts who are ready and able to help you outfit your home or office with the very best option to suit your needs. From the most basic of security systems to a completely outfitted smart home, they have the training and expertise to put your mind at ease knowing that you, your family, and your property are safe.

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