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Merry Christmas from the McKeithen True Value Hardware Family!
mcth christmas

Winter is here!  The lawn and most of your landscape plants should be dormant with the cold weather.  Other than raking and spot-treating for weeds, there shouldn’t be much to do outside for the next couple of months.  So it’s time to turn your attention indoors.  Here are a few winter tasks to keep your house healthy and beautiful:

  • Replace AC/furnace filters.  This will keep your system running smoothly and extend its life.  A heat pump should last 12-15 years, but this will be drastically reduced if it’s not maintained. It should also be tuned up yearly – just call your favorite Statesboro HVAC company for an appointment.
  • Replace smoke detector batteries.  This should be done once a year.
  • Seal up doors and windows.  Weatherstripping compresses and deteriorates over time and should be replaced as needed.  With the cooler temperatures, you may be able to feel cold air seeping in around windows and doors. Time to replace!  It’s an easy and inexpensive job, and will save you money on your electric bill.  Gaps and cracks can also be repaired with caulk and foam sealers.  We carry a variety of materials suitable for any size gap.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.  Another way to save money is with a programmable or wifi-enabled thermostat.  Swapping this out requires minimal skill and can be done in less than an hour.
  • Refurbish doors and/or cabinets.  Doors get beat up over time, and a quick refurbish can enhance your whole house.  Think about a fresh coat of paint – maybe with a new color to brighten up a room or the front of your house. We can computer match any color you bring to us, or choose from hundreds of colors in our system.  New hardware will also give the door a whole new look.  We have all the tools and materials you need to get this job done. 

 As we close out 2020, I think we can all acknowledge that this has been a crazy year.  We are blessed to be part of the wonderful Statesboro/Bulloch community that has supported local business so strongly this year. 

As a locally-owned business McKeithen’s Hardware has the ability to respond to our local customers and their needs and interests. To that end we have made several changes in 2020 such as curbside pickup, addition of bulk propane gas, expanded our canning section and cookware sections, and other changes.  We always encourage and act on recommendations from our customers. Next month I’ll update you on exciting changes planned for next year.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to serving you in 2021! 

With love and gratitude,

The McKeithen Family

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