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Meet the top quality management team at McKeithen's
mckeithen's manager

In a past issue of “Locally Owned” I told you the story of how the McKeithen family came to be in Statesboro and start our hardware store.  This month we would like to take some time to brag on our management team. 

Juliet Muldrew

Juliet Muldrew joined the McKeithen’s Hardware team in August 2019, less than a year into our existence.  

Since then she has become a highly-valued employee, so much so that we promoted her to manager in 2020. 

Juliet is a Statesboro native, graduating from Statesboro High in 2017. She is majoring in Business Management at Georgia Southern. You might recognize her from her live musical performances around town. Her musical talent comes naturally, as mom Lisa teaches music in Statesboro schools. 

Juliet also has special interest in carpentry and is our go-to person for questions on woodworking hardware and tools. She also has a lot of expertise in our Stihl, Gravely and Ariens lawn equipment. 

Most of the time, Juliet is accompanied by her black lab Athens, otherwise known as “Little Boss."


Joe Douglas

Joe Douglas joined the McKeithen’s team in February 2020, working on weekends. He quickly became recognized for his deep knowledge of nearly any do-it-yourself project around the house. 

Joe and his family came to the Statesboro area in 2017 from Chestertown, MD. He has 12 years of experience with Sherwin-Williams, and so is a great source of information for any paint or stain questions. He worked for Owen Supply in for several years, and most recently was employed by Bulloch County as a building code inspector.  

Joe’s favorite hobby is work, but outside of that he enjoys woodworking and cabinetry. He was also taught from an early age how to maintain and repair almost everything around the house. All of this means that Joe is a great resource for paint, plumbing, electrical, hardware and nearly any other question you might have. Or if you just want to chat, Joe is a big football and Nascar fan.

We are blessed to have Joe and Juliet on the McKeithen’s Hardware team. When you’re in the store – take a minute to introduce yourself.  

While you're there, be sure to pick up any heating supplies you might need. We have propane, kerosene, and electric heaters – and the fuel to run them. We also have a special on dead batteries, they’re free of charge! 

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