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Bulloch Solutions: Smart Solutions for Peace of Mind
bulloch solutions

Many have forgone summer vacations this year, but still thousands are heading out for day or weekend trips to the beaches or the mountains in an effort to find some normalcy this season. With the surge in online ordering and deliveries on the rise, you may be hesitant to leave your home unattended while you sneak off for some much needed time away. 

Through, Bulloch Solutions has just the answer for your worries. With the video monitoring offered by their professionally installed security systems, homeowners can rest easy knowing who is coming and going from their homes. While camera monitoring of homes and offices are nothing new, the new AI developing and integrated into these systems have the ability to distinguish between animals, people, vehicles, etc. The system also allows for greater notification control, so if you're waiting for that Amazon order, you can easily get a text on your phone when a vehicle arrives, even when you're away for the day or the weekend. 

As many parents are considering online schooling options for their students, offers added peace of mind. By partnering with Bulloch Solutions for both internet service and home security, parents can be sure that their kids are not only able to have the best internet available for their school work, they can also rest assured that their children are safe at home, receiving alerts when someone unexpected is visiting, whether it's a delivery person or a stranger. For working parents, this is a tremendous benefit. is able to keep the cost of this technology low for consumers, a savings that Bulloch Solutions is able to pass on to their clients. This savings is surprising considering all that the program offers. The AI involved is able to distinguish between routine, recurring events and unexpected or non-routine events – from vehicles arriving on your property to lingering individuals to pet protection and even delivery verification. The system can even be set up to turn on lights or alarms for given circumstances. 

These offerings are only a few of the amazing developments that Bulloch Solutions offers to better connect you to your life at work, at home and away. The implementation of such technological advances is only a small part of what sets Bulloch Solutions and their staff apart from other service providers both locally and across the nation.

For more information about how Bulloch Solutions can help connect your life, from work to home and beyond, visit their website, or call (912) 865-1100 to speak to one of their friendly, knowledgeable service representatives today. 

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