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The benefits of using a local, family-owned pharmacy
McCook’s offers fast, friendly, personalized service
Locally Owned 2024

The pharmacy you choose to fill your prescriptions plays an important role in your overall health. After all, aside from your physician, it’s the healthcare facility that knows you best — and for many people, their pharmacist is the most accessible healthcare provider.

While large national chain pharmacies can be found on every corner, and more people than ever are relying on mail-order drug deliveries, there is value in visiting and remaining loyal to your local, family-owned pharmacy:

·         Pharmacists at locally owned pharmacies are often more available to answer questions, offer advice, listen to concerns and give over-the-counter recommendations than those at chain pharmacies. They take pride in building long-lasting, trusting relationships with their customers, often greeting them by name, and provide personalized service by familiarizing themselves with patients’ individual needs and medical histories.

·         Independent pharmacies can help you get the medication you need at the most affordable price. The range and type of medications offered at these pharmacies is usually just as wide as those offered by large chains and online retailers, and in general, the pricing is the same for most prescriptions. Plus, community pharmacists are often available to help with insurance call questions and prior authorizations, and if a medication is expensive, unavailable, or not covered by insurance, they can consult with your doctor to find an alternative that same day.

·         Local pharmacies offer fast, friendly service, with most prescriptions filled in minutes, not days. Additionally, many provide services like local delivery and easy refill options that large box pharmacies cannot accommodate.

·         Money spent at independent pharmacies directly impacts the local economy and benefits people who live and work in the community. Many of these pharmacies also give back to their communities in ways that chains do not.

If you’re ready to make the switch to an independent and locally-owned pharmacy, give McCook’s a call. Established in 2005, McCook’s is a full-service pharmacy offering double drive-through windows and convenient city-wide delivery. New customers are always welcome!

Contact McCook’s by phone at (912) 764-2223 or find more online at

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