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Local man offers $3,000 reward in burglary
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    A man is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the conviction  of persons responsible for a burglary Tuesday at his Kendricks Road home.
    Chris Blair is understandably angry about the burglary, and said it has marred his holiday.
    The thieves kicked in a window, pepper-sprayed his dog, and took jewelry, electronics, a gun and more, he said.
    “I’m really teed off about this,” he said Wednesday. “I am offering a $3,000 reward for (information leading to) the arrest and prosecution of people who broke into my house.”
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Capt. Todd Hutchens said Inv. Jason Long and other deputies have checked pawn shops and other leads and the investigation into the burglary continues.
    It’s the season when law enforcement sees a rise in burglaries and thefts, he said. Aside from it being the holidays, times are hard and thieves are busy.
    “With the economy crunch, people are going to start stealing,” he said. Hutchens recommends people lock up valuables and leave lights on at night, and ask neighbors to keep watch.
    But it was daytime when the Blair residence was burglarized, and their German Shepherd, an intimidating breed of dog, was no deterrent to the thieves. Blair said the offenders sprayed the dog with pepper spray and then took DVDs,  sports memorabilia, change, jewelry, and other  things — even a pillow case and trash can that were possibly used to carry the loot.
    It wasn’t only possessions the burglars took, however.
    “They took my Christmas spirit,” Blair said. “ I was in a good mood, but I got here (home, after the burglary) and everything was taken, the window was broken, and it was all gone. It’s not a money thing. They took my Christmas spirit.”
    Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to contact Inv. Jason Long at  the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department at (912) 764-8888. Information given will remain confidential, and any information leading to arrest and conviction of suspects will result in Blair paying the reward, he said.

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