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Lightening the mood
Police, firefighters wage “sign war”
The Statesboro Police and Fire Departments are giving each other some good natured Christmas ribbing by each creating signs wishing the other a merry Christmas. - photo by JIM HEALY/staff

Statesboro police and firefighters are quite jolly lately, even though winter holidays are usually the toughest time of the year. In spite of the increase in traffic, house fires, crime and other emergencies, members of the Statesboro Fire Department and Statesboro Police Department are finding time to have a little fun.

It all started when “someone” put a sign on the Statesboro Police Department’s outer wall that read “Cops (heart) Firefighters,” said Statesboro Deputy fire Chief Bobby Duggar.

Then, the police put up an electric sign that read “SSSHHHH — Elves are sleeping,” with an arrow pointing across the road to the fire station.

That was it. The “virtual snowball fight” was on.

The next banner that showed up on the police side read “All we want for Christmas is to be firefighters.” Then a sign outside the downtown Emma Kelly Theater appeared, thanking Statesboro firefighters for protecting and keeping everyone safe — “even the police department.”

And there is likely more to come, Duggar said.

Statesboro police Chief Mike Broadhead seems to be enjoying the friendly rivalry as well.

“The only thing I will say is that we love our brothers and sisters in the fire service. We all take our duties and responsibilities seriously ... but we don't take ourselves too seriously,” he said. “It's all in good fun, and we have appreciated the fire department's lame attempts to keep up.”

Duggar just laughed at the antics.

“It is a good time, good fun for both departments,” he said. “It shows the lighter side of all this.”

The duties of police and firefighters are challenging, and all too often, the nature of the calls are dire. But in the spirit of Christmas, “it’s kind of like siblings,” he said.

“It is kind of nice to be able to enjoy ourselves and not be serious all the time.”

Members of both agencies wish everyone happy holidays and a merry Christmas, and encourage everyone to tap into their fun side once in a while.


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