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Your vote does matter to your country
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       With the upcoming election, there is a great deal of interest in bringing some sort of change to our country. At present, most of America is in a "wait and see" mode and the possibility of a sea change in Congress. One of the most important duties of every American is to vote. It is unfortunate that so many of "us" don't participate in that duty.
      Today, America is in a very precarious position in the world.
      Many of our "friends" - China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia - are doing all that they can to undermine our very existence. One example is the August 10, 2010 Boston Globe article, where it ran a warning that the Pentagon gave to all Americans - America was being attacked by China many times daily - from government agencies, large military industrial organizations, and even individuals in our country.
      I have stated several times in this paper the danger that China is to our country. When you buy a Chinese product, you are directly supporting a communist country.
      That brings me to the point of this letter. America must make changes that will protect us into the future. What I feel needs to be done is a very real change to the structure of the government. If you look at the number of agencies, departments, and organizations in the federal government, you will find multiple overlaps. To get an idea, go to and search "A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies" and you will find a very disturbing number of duplications.
      One recent example was the peanut butter scare that came from a plant in Georgia and affected many people across the nation. It came out that 5 different U.S. agencies were involved, and all placed the blame on each other.
      To fix the mess that the country is now in, there needs to be a 20-percent reduction of federal employees over the next 10 years and all overlapping areas need to be eradicated. Next, the needs of our nation must be effectively triaged, with our infrastructure and military at the top of the list. Likewise, we must insist that our government return to its real job - representing the people - the legal and free Americans.
      As for all of the millions (billions) of dollars spent on unnecessary dole outs and "pork" projects. It is simple; let the states determine what is best and get the federal government out of the "day to day" lives of Americans. This is what our founding fathers wanted and what our new crop of "leaders" are completely ignoring.
      Anyone who is in office for over 10 years should be term limited - if a person can't get it done in 10 years, they need to be replaced. Politicians should never be "professional politicians" but civic-minded members of "We the People.
      As a Libertarian, I am very wary of anyone who wants to take power and reduce liberties. America needs to return to taking care of Her own, seal our borders (very easy to do if the proper actions are made) and reduce taxes by slowing spending.
      We need the government to rebuild failing infrastructure and continue to build up a military that can stop terrorism before it comes to our shores again. This includes a new and more effective nuclear arsenal to keep up with the Russians.
      In closing, please vote - your vote does matter - and most of all, take the time to really know the men and women you vote for. We the People must take our country back.
Tom Grovenstein

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